Musicalgorithms for Sonification

If you’re looking for a tool to convert data into non-speech sound, pay attention to MusicAlgorithms.

Being available online for over a decade, the MusicAlgorithm website has proved its usability. Its creator, Jonathan Middleton, has put much effort into making this site is easy to use. Moreover, you can follow a step-by-step guide to understand how to create music from your data on the site. Plus, it doesn’t take much time to enter and tweak your data to produce MIDI files, so these are some reasons for the popularity of the MusicAlgorithm website.

Musicalgorithms site has an effect on a number of transformations on the data. Even though the sample data below looks like several rows, there’s just one row.

This data represents the source data and its transformations. To allow another user to replicate or extend the data, just share this data. To start it over, you need only the basic data.

Once you’ve uploaded your data, use the mouseover description to read and choose the operation you need. There are two options for choosing the kind of scale (minor or major). When various transformations are picked out, you can save the text file and download a midi file. In most cases, the audio program plays midi files to a piano tone by default. However, you can use more complicated instrumentation with the help of music mixing programs such as GarageBand or LMMS.

Having two columns of data, you have two voices. And it’s better to play the first one loud (in a major key). While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to representing your data as sound, it’s easy to see how shades of meaning and interpretation can be change into the data and its experience.

Another important point is to keep time in mind. Since historical data often has a distinct ‘time when’ something occurred, the amount of time between two data points plays a role. When there’s a correlation between different data points, we need to understand the relationships between data points.

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