6 Best YouTube Videos to Learn More About Data Sonification

If you’re reading this article, the chances are that you’re interested in transforming tons of data into sound, right?

Sonification, the art of representing data as non-speech sound, is getting more popular among scientists and people who want to understand alternative options to storing data. In fact, any data with a structure (pattern) can work well for sonification.

However, you must understand more about this principle first. Since it’s a well-known fact that people perceive visual information better, we’ve collected the list of six YouTube videos that can help you learn more about data sonification.

1. The Problem with Making Music from Data

If you haven’t heard of sonification before, this video can give you a brief explanation of this principle. While people have been storing infromation in a visual form, many scientists and researches work hard to transform data into sound. It’s considered to be more comfortable and easier for interpretation. In this video, you can also see main scientists who are exploring the subject these days and who lay a bet on this form of data storage – Wanda Diaz Merced, Lily Asquith, Daniel Crawford, and others. What is more, you can see what types of data can be used for sonification and why it’s so important by watching short sonification examples.

2. Data Sonification by GEAN TV

Dr. Domenico Vicinanza explains the use of sound and music to data interpretation. In this video you can understand how the correlation between taking musical notes and converting data into signals. Since people find it easier to understand the data with rhythm, harmony, and tone, data sonification has become a powerful tool to simplify the way we analyze data. Vicinanza believes that sounds make the process of exploring information easier.

3. Data Sonification by Dale Basler

After listening to the O’Reilly Hardware Podcast, data sonification caught Dale Basler’s eye. As a science teacher, Dale is interested in finding new alternative ways to collect and portray data, so he starts looking for ways to give sonification a try. In this video, he shows practical tips how to use Sonification Sandbox app to turn data into sound. Dale uses his examples of data sonification to explain people the aspects of the process and possibilities to hear data.

4. Data Sonification and Audio Visual Experience

In this video you can understand about data sonification as a method and its effect on humans’ health. Two scientists, Radek Rudnicki and Kevin Hicks, explain what is data sonification and use this principle to raise awareness of ozone level.

5. The Sonification of Everyday Things

Have you ever thought about using everyday objects to create data sonification? If so, this video is right for you. Scientists from the German University has invented a non-contact laser sensor. This instrument that scans the shape of items to create musical melodies and rhythms. To understand more about these audible frequencies, play the video.

6. Using the Sun to Make Music

Data sonification is about the collaboration of musicians and scientists who unite to achieve the same goal. This video is about a composer, Robert Alexander, who works for Motherboard to turn raw data into sound. One of the most interesting things is a possibility to convert any data into music, so Rober Alexander uses the sun to make sound. If you want to understand more about solar wind sonification, its process and research findings, watch the full video.

In a Nutshell

Using sound to express data is another trend. Although it may be hard for beginners to understand the conceptual issues of data sonification, watching videos is a great way to learn more about the principle. The variety of videos is so big that every person can get an insight on data sonification, understand its origins and types, and find out more about available tools in an interesting and interactive way.

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